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Noelle Gregoire got the idea for Laps 4 Backs in February 2014 when she was just nine years old. Each time Noelle went through a procedure or difficult situation, Tufts Children's Hospital in Boston gave her a prize that kept her spirits up. When she endured a 90 minute MRI in Feb of 2014, she noticed the reward closet was almost empty. She asked if the child after her would get anything, and the nurse said there would be nothing for that child. The prizes were all donations, mostly from the staff. Since the small rewards were so important to her throughout her time at Tufts, she decided to raise money to fill their closets and bring smiles to inpatients and outpatients at the hospital. Her mission is to make sure those toy closets remain full of toys.

Wentworth Douglas 8-13-2019.jpg

Toy delivery at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, Dover, NH, August 2019

Noelle Elliot Hospital 8-13-2019.jpg

Toy delivery at Elliot Hospital, Manchester, NH, August 2019

Elliot Hospital 8-13-2019.jpg

Elliot Hospital, August 2019

Chesterton 2019 Toy Drive.jpg

Chesterton's 2019 Toy Drive

Boston Childrens.jpg

Noelle and a patient at Boston Childrens Hospital during a toy delivery, May 2017

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